NEW: ADAMA Engineering is proud to be the exclusive reseller of program LimitState:GEO in North America.  LimitState:GEO is a powerful design and forensic tool enabling users to rapidly determine the critical failure mechanism and the associated margin of safety for nearly ANY type of geotechnical problem.  Such problems may include reinforcement, complex stratigraphy, slopes, retaining walls, foundations and combinations of all these structures. . LimitState:GEO is based on rigorous limit analysis, easy to apply, and has been validated against a wide range of benchmark problems.  See details in Software.  Additional details are available at: LimitState:GEO.

NOTE: The posted Update 14 of MSEW now includes an option to consider water in internal and external stability analyses.  The methodology used corresponds to sudden drawdown of water next to waterfront structure. 

Dov Leshchinsky, Ph.D., and Ora Leshchinsky, P.E., incorporated ADAMA Engineering in Delaware in 1988. ADAMA Engineering has been involved in geotechnical consulting to the public sector and has produced peer-reviewed and design-oriented public domain reports.  Consulting to the private sector resulted in confidential reports, as requested by the client.  ADAMA Engineering has offered numerous short courses on soil reinforcing and on slope stability engineering.  ADAMA Engineering has provided expertise in forensic studies including litigation and review of designs.  

The combined knowledge of geotechnical engineering and computer programming has enabled ADAMA Engineering to develop generic, useful software for practicing engineers.  ADAMA Engineering has also developed customized software for the private industry and the US government.  ADAMA Engineering software (programs MSEW, ReSSA, ReSlope FoSSA and GeoCoPS, as well as its customized programs) has been used worldwide assisting qualified engineers in designing structures that are safe and economical.


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